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  • Be careful! Greenwashing!!: Some people sell as bioplastic oxodegradable items. They will leave many chemicals in the soil.




Econo is a domestic greenhouse that protects your plants and condense the water that is evaporated by the sun heat, this way, the water returns to the soil and reduce the consumption of irrigation water.

With a design inspired by the Namib Beetle, Econo allows us reducing the irrigations more efficiently thus reducing water consumption. Use it in your pots in your garden or orchard.

Econo in outdoors will also help you to germinate and protect new plants from by insects and mites attack.

Use it in your pots or directly on the ground in your garden or orchard.

This beetle has a surface body designed to capture the ambient humidity, condensing water droplets on the bumps. To achieve this, the beetle also controls the temperature of the body remaining underground most of the day keeping the necessary cooling to condense the moisture. Once out of hiding, the beetle collects water in his back and towards the end of the cycle raises the back of the body to drain water directly into his mouth.

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