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  • Be careful! Greenwashing!!: Some people sell as bioplastic oxodegradable items. They will leave many chemicals in the soil.

Original Spud Raincoat


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Quick Overview

"Chubas Original" is a practical spudraincoat made out of potato starch bioplastic. It is 100% compostable and biodegradable.

It includes seeds of aromatic plants, flowers, trees and Mediterranean shrubs that you can plant instead of throwing it away.

Use it as many times as you want: on the bike, at a concert, on holidays...


Chubasquero Original

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The spudraincoat comes with Nendo Dango, a germination technique invented by the Japanese microbiologist Masanobu Fukuoka, which protects the seeds in clay balls that provide nutrients and prevent them from being eaten by birds. This ensures germination.

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More Trees Foundation

Thanks to the collaboration "More Trees Foundation", this raincoat contains NendoDango elaborated in occupational workshops.

100% Compostables / Reutilizables

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Additional Information

Model White SpudRaincoat
Size Unisex

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